Setting the Stage for Employee Productivity

Shining a light on employee productivity can feel like a return to a mindset many workplaces are glad to have left behind. Yet measuring company performance and accomplishments makes for good business. How, then do you monitor what people are doing with their time and how it is impacting company performance without conjuring the clipboard-bearing management stereotypes of old? How do you get the best out of your teams without creating a mess of red tape and generating data nobody uses? You simply set the stage for success, then get out of the way.

Start at the beginning

Does everyone add value and know what they are supposed to be doing? Some organizations have processes or even roles that have long since lost their impact. People working in a capacity that feels baseless quickly lose confidence and certainly lose initiative. It is a stark reality that most people won’t be productive if they don’t know the point of what they are doing. In the book, The Progress Principle, author Theresa Amabile discusses how a sense of momentum — of producing something and celebrating small wins — helps employees have the healthiest perspective at, and about, work. This is a fundamental concept yet many companies have positions and processes that are gathering dust instead of providing value. When wanting to ensure optimal employee productivity, companies should first ensure they are structured to allow for it.

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