New Certification for Mindful Leadership

Women-owned non-for-profit Mindful Employer Canada launched Foundations for Mindful Leadership, the first online course in their core certification program Mindful Leader.

“Becoming a certified Mindful Leader is an important accreditation, especially in today’s ever changing landscape of navigating the impacts the pandemic has on mental health,” said Sarah Jenner, Executive Director at Mindful Employer Canada. “When organizations invest in mental health by providing training on how to effectively address workplace challenges in a way that also protects and supports employee mental health, the result is positive changes in leadership success, team culture, employee retention, and disability statistics. This impacts the advancement of the organization as a whole.”

The Mindful Leader program takes a new approach to workplace mental health programs by educating people leaders about available tools and strategies to support staff experiencing mood disorders or significant life stressors. The program also meets leadership goals like commitment based management, having difficult conversations, and fair process leadership. “We know the workplace can affect an employee’s mental health and the reality is employees aren’t settling for toxic workplaces and detrimental leaders anymore. Employees are looking for workplaces that prioritize employee well-being and mental health,” said Sarah Jenner. “According to statistics from Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, 43% of employees would like more mental health support from senior management and human resources, and 63% of managers would like better training to deal with employee mental health. These numbers aren’t going to shift unless organizations take the time to properly train their leaders.”

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