Partners are organizations who share our enthusiasm and vision for empowering employees, resulting in a thriving workplace.

Partners are employers of choice — providing a place where people want to work. They are role models, and believe in the mission of developing thriving workplaces and supporting the teams that work within. They engage in a comprehensive, multi-year program with Your Workplace to ensure that you receive the resources you need to be the best you can be. Together with our Partners, we form a community that works together to advance our vision of thriving workplaces for all in Canada.


  • Share the same vision and mission
  • Are driven by committed leadership
  • Have the will to transform the workplace
  • Focus on improving employee health, engagement and productivity
  • Have a deep commitment to being thought leaders at the forefront of improvement
  • Seek involvement or express strong interest in innovation
  • Share results of their own improvement efforts to benefit others, and
  • Provide enthusiasm, ideas, time and resources to help other organizations thrive.

Discover what these progressive, supportive organizations think and do by following their links below. Learn what they can do to help you, your team and your organization.

Benefits By Design (BBD) is not your typical group benefit insurance company. From our commitment to workplace wellness initiatives and employee engagement, to our focus on providing excellent service, how we work is different – we put people first and we have fun doing it. In terms of what we do, BBD drives change through innovative technologies by leveraging natural company-wide curiosity to always be better. A national leader providing group insurance products and services, we equip advisors to help customers, and connect employers with solutions that make their business a better place to work.


Members of the YW Editorial and Conference Advisory Councils:

It’s our pleasure to introduce the people who help set the direction and tone of the magazine:

Jessica Bredschneider
Director of Marketing, Benefits By Design (BBD)

Nancy Buck, CHRP
Vice-President, Human Resources, Communitech

Sandra Carlton, CHRP
Vice-President, Mission, Values & People, Providence Care

Craig Dowden, PhD
Organizational Psychologist

Kim Macey, CHRP
Vice-President, Human Capital, DP World.

Louise Taylor-Green
CEO, Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)

We’d also like to introduce the advisors who help plan the Imagine Your Workplace Conference:

Travis Dutka
Culture Curator, 360insights

Jacob Irwin
Content & Social Media Coordinator, Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc.

Alistair Price 
Vice-President, HR, Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group

Caterina Sanders
Lead, Strategic Projects, Habanero Consulting Group

Elizabeth Williams
President, Candler Chase Inc.

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