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With the holiday season upon us, how do you socialize ...
During the holiday season productivity can suffer. Use these three ...

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flexible benefit plans
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With the cost of group benefit plans rising, many organizations are considering this alternative to the more traditional defined contribution strategy.
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Lightning Talk Session:Changing the Way We Work (Not Just Where We Work) The Way We Work (W3) is Scotiabank’s approach for transforming not only where people…
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Having energy left at the end of the day for family is important. Managers can energize employees through “energy conservation.” Here’s how it works.
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The new year is almost upon us, and we’re thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s getting in shape with the functional fitness program cov…
culture committee
Article -
Why senior leadership needs to pay more attention to internal engagement
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The less time we have, the more vulnerable we are to this decision-making flaw identified by neuroscientists
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If your voice is too high-pitched, soft or exhibits “vocal fry,” vocal training could improve your chances for success in the workplace.
Toxic leadership leads to disengaged employees
Article -
Four recommendations to prevent abusive behaviour in your organization.