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With the holiday season upon us, how do you socialize ...
During the holiday season productivity can suffer. Use these three ...

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Workspace design at VISA allows staff to gather and create a sense of community. It also allows for collisions within the organization outside typical team structures.
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Two organizations innovating workspace design discuss the new trends that are improving the open-plan office.
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Lightning Talk Session:Changing the Way We Work (Not Just Where We Work) The Way We Work (W3) is Scotiabank’s approach for transforming not only where people…
people at a holiday party gathered around table with food
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Use these quick tips on planning and enjoying your holiday party.
books for high performing teams
Book Reviews -
Workplaces can either enable employee health and happiness or leave them feeling unhappy and burnt out. These books will help you create high-performing teams t...
happy, healthy employees being productive and working together
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Survey shows link between health of employees and financial results
woman multi-tasking and stressed out
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The case for focussing on one thing at a time.
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Could micro-credentials like nanodegrees replace more traditional higher education in the future?
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As email and other work increasingly encroach on personal time, could a phone that does less be better?