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young woman millennials struggles with mental health
Article -
The mental health of the next generation is increasingly fraught at work. What can you do to help?
Multimedia -
Lightning Talk Session: Why Financial Education isn’t Enough Manulife’s latest research with professional counsellors reveals that the impacts of emotional…
Article -
Incorporating mindfulness into your training initiatives can transform the way your employees learn.
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pharmacogenomic testing
Article -
Learn how pharmacogenomics can help reduce drug waste and keep employees healthy and productive.
cricket powder pizza
Recipes -
Why? Because it’s good for you.
man working at a standing desk
Article -
Before you use your new standing desk, read this.
fresh air
Article -
Climate change isn’t helping “sick building syndrome” in office spaces.
Banana smoothie in a glass with straws
Recipes -
Bananas. Get them before they're gone.