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YW Essential Guide To Fighting Financial Stress



“Workers’ experiencing financial stress in the workplace is a well-documented occurrence. The Financial Planning Standards Council says 48% of Canadians rank money as their greatest stress and 87% wish they had made better financial decisions in their lives. These issues permeate your employee’s ability to be productive, may cause absenteeism or presenteeism, and generally create a negative situation for both you and your employees. This is why Your Workplace gathered top thought-leaders in the financial planning and HR community, and hosted a roundtable to dive deep into the topic. Our experts provide solutions to help you reduce stress and develop a plan that will attract and retain employees.
In this Essential Guide to Boost Financial Wellness you will discover:
• Why financial stress is such an acute problem for employees
• Your role in encouraging better decision-making
• Top benchmarking practices in light of poor financial literacy
• Best-practice communications, and
• The key components of a financial plan

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