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10 Truths About Leadership

10 Truths About Leadership

It’s Not Just About Winning

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You probably have not heard of Pete Luongo. He’s had a long and distinguished career culminating as President and CEO of The Berry Company, the original “yellow pages” concept in your telephone directory. Luongo writes solely from his own experience, which is plentiful, and the pages of this book, though small and written in large font, contain many time-honoured leadership insights. Luongo does not pretend to be solving leadership mysteries and many of his “truths” have been documented and preached in other, more voluminous, missives. His true wisdom, however, comes in the recognition that it takes more than a book to create a leader. Perhaps the most profound statement comes in his introduction: “These truths are simple. Acknowledging and abiding by them takes some work. Trust yourself.” A worthy read, for this specific leader’s frankness and concrete stories, rather than the theory and speculation.


Lisa Sansom