Trendspotting for the Next Decade


Trendspotting for the Next Decade

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It’s said that the only real control we have over our world is our response to it. In this issue, we look at trends in human behaviour, finding a life balance, using our brains to overcome stress, and creating a kinder, gentler environment through our personal interactions. It all starts from the inside out. I have been a big fan of predictions and trends for years. I still have The Book of Predictions from 1981 and use it as a fun yardstick to see how we don’t have flying cars and we aren’t all living past 150 years young. So I really wanted to enjoy this book on trend spotting. I really, really did. But as I read through the funky fonts (with asides in light grey print instead of parentheses), it seemed to me that many of these “trends” sounded more like moralizing from the author. For example, “Trend: We start giving ourselves more pats on the back than we give to performers who really are just there to shimmy for us… .” or “The coming move toward making our kids better citizens will be first to teach them that making tons of money devising crud… is no way to succeed.” While I’m in general agreement, these aren’t the insights I was seeking. It was hard to get past Laermer’s breezy, hip, pop-referenced style, and into the real substance of this book. If you have enjoyed Laermer’s other books, this may well be a useful and insightful updated version for you. If you are stylishly hip and “with the kids”, you may even enjoy it! But, if like me, you prefer plain writing and counsel, then maybe it’s back to The Book of Predictions. I know I’m looking for the 2009 edition out there somewhere.


Lisa Sansom

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