8 Steps to High Performance

8 Steps to High Performance

Learn how to focus on what can truly lead to high performance.
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8 Steps to High Performance — Focus On What You Can Change (Ignore the Rest)

Some of Efron’s steps might seem obvious (“set big goals”) and others might be suspicious (“fake it”), but taken together they are a powerful method for moving ahead in your organization. Efron readily admits that none of these steps are new and that they are research-based, but the challenge is that very few individuals actually take the time to intentionally apply these steps and hone them to high performance. Efron’s book, therefore, provides very concrete steps beyond the chapter titles and explains why each step matters — and what you can expect from your deliberate practice and action. Some of Efron’s advice seems counter-intuitive. For example, in step 8, “avoid distractions,” he says that you should not focus on your strengths and that emotional intelligence doesn’t predict leadership success. I would say that these are very controversial and perhaps a little too narrowly applied. However, he also says that “ten thousand hours of practice is exhausting and irrelevant” and “you won’t develop grit by reading a book,” so I consider that he redeemed himself with those sections. Regardless of the details, this book will make you reflect and contemplate, but you won’t become a higher performer just by reading this book either. You will need to do the hard work, and no one else can do that except you.

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