A Garage Full of Ferraris

How to unleash the potential in your high performance teams to drive extraordinary results

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have to say, this title isn’t working for me because it sounds materialistic and pompous,  but that’s not what it’s about. As the back cover says, “I have a garage full of Ferraris and I don’t have a driver’s license.” Similarly, Johnston is a senior executive with a lot of great  talent, but he doesn’t know how to get the best out of them.

For the book, he interviewed several leaders about managing top talent — what works,  that didn’t work and what’s next. Some of the stories are encouraging and some of them  are engaging, but they all seem to point towards the same lessons that have been covered in countless leadership books: communication is important, courage is critical, individualization matters, mentorship is key. As the author says, this is mostly for new  leaders who are finding their way in large organizations. There is nothing wrong with this book — it’s a good starting point for anyone seeking to improve their leadership skills by  seeking inspiration and role models — but there is nothing excitingly new in it to add to the  field.


Lisa Sansom


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