fully charged

Are You Fully Charged?

The 3 keys to energizing your work and life

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Tom Rath is known for his work with the Gallup Organization, examining the use of strengths in the creation of great workplaces, employees, teams and leaders. Rath’s bestsellers include StrengthsFinder 2.0 and How Full Is Your Bucket. With Are You Fully Charged, however, Rath continues his work in the slightly different direction of general health and well-being, which, in many ways, is actually a necessary precursor to thriving through the use of your strengths — how can you bring your best to work if you haven’t first looked after a few fundamental necessities? The first of Rath’s three keys is meaning — are you doing something that benefits another person? The second is interactions — are you creating more positive moments with others? And the third is energy — are you making healthy choices that improve your mental and physical health? Rath shares many research-based ways to enhance each of these keys. For example, it’s important to have a meaning and purpose beyond just making money — money (even thoughts of money!) can divide and isolate. It’s also important to see the potential in others and help them achieve it. And remember that every little choice you make (cookies or carrots?) is either improving or negating your health in small ways that add up. I’ve had the fortune to hear Rath speak and he’s a compelling speaker as well as writer. There is a movie, “Fully Charged”, that accompanies the book and it is also worth viewing — maybe even a shared viewing with those important to you. This book is sprinkled throughout with important wisdom — it’s a book to live and thrive by.


Lisa Sansom