Artful Dreaming

Artful Dreaming

A Primer for Finding Inspiration from Your Dreams

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Keohane ends her book with these words: “May your dreams be blessed for loving this book.” This sort of begs the question, what if I didn’t love the book? When Keohane talks about dreams, she means the dreams that you have at night-time when you are sleeping, not your hopes and dreams for the future. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t put a lot of stake into my night-time dreams, but I’m also not a creative, and Keohane certainly is. Her PhD is in Creative Arts/Depth Psychology. She lectures on the topic of art inspired from dreams. What I do appreciate about this book is that Keohane encourages you to be personal; this is not a dream symbol dictionary where if I dream about angels, it means exactly the same thing as when you dream about angels. This is a call to be inspired, and that inspiration means something different for each individual. If you are looking for some inner inspiration, this book may be worth a try. The exercises are practical and the instructions are clear. Who knows where this might lead?


Lisa Sansom

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