Become A Life Balance Master

Become A Life Balance Master

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Starting with a short dissertation on the importance of balance, Giardina paints a vivid picture of why “balance” is so necessary to individuals—and it only starts from there. Most intriguing are his “four myths of Life Balance”—the first one being “Life Balance is actually achievable.” Excuse me? You mean it isn’t? What he means is that there is no static point at which we can safely declare “I am balanced,” because even in the word balance, precariousness, rather than permanence, is implied. How refreshing! Giardina says that he believes in kismet, that this book is in the reader’s hands for a reason. That was certainly the case with me. When I started to read Chapter Three, opening with “The Great Conspiracy”, that the forces of the universe tend to align against balance, I thought, “Where have you been all my life?” Giardina counsels that commitment is critical, and the responsibility rests with you—and only you. Tough to hear, tougher to act on, but well worth it. The dedicated reader will gain invaluable counsel on breaking habits, gaining support from others, and really examining his/her own personal life balance equation to ensure a process (not a static solution) that works on an individual level. I enjoyed Giardina’s frankness and calmness. This is a book that you want by your side.


Lisa Sansom

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