Broadcasting Happiness

The Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change

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Consider the news that you read and consume every day. Most of the news around us is negative — terrorism, natural disasters, death, political messiness and so on. How do those ripples of information affect us? Michelle Gielan, a former CBS news anchor, started to notice that her world was being impacted in a very negative way — she had achieved her dream job, but it wasn’t working for her. When she finally got CBS to agree to air a positive week, it got rave reviews and top ratings. She decided it was time to leave to pursue the positive and learn how to broadcast happiness.

Now, Gielan is using her experiences and expertise to help others broadcast happiness. Her book is filled with practical tips — and not the usual gratitude journal that you’ve already heard so much about. It is a call to action not only for journalists to report on the news in a different way, but also for each of us to capitalize on positivity, overcome stress and negativity, and to create a positive ripple effect that will touch and influence those around us.


Lisa Sansom