Capitalizing On Kindness

Capitalizing on Kindness

Why 21st Century Professionals Need to be Nice

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Just on the basis of the title alone, I wished that I could send a copy of this book to the leadership team of every company across the world—every single one of them. How many times have we been foiled at our workplaces by someone else’s rudeness or political ladder-climbing? Tillquist, Chief of Staff to the mayor of a large, fast-growing county in California, notes that people often see success as a trade-off to kindness. However, kindness is, or should be, a requisite, and can actually propel you along a successful work path. Employers and employees everywhere, please take note! You are only damaging yourself when you damage others. Tillquist defines “kindness” along five “powers”: reputation, reciprocity, personality, thanks and connecting, and she gives each “power” considerable attention in this positive and readable tome. Tillquist uses compelling stories to illustrate successful professionals, some well-known and others more obscure, who exemplify each of the “powers of kindness” and provides some tips and hints to help the readers cultivate more of this in their own lives and workplaces. And, of course, it all starts with you—don’t wait for others to become kinder first. If you want to be happier and enjoy more out of life and work, pick up this book and get at it!