Career Cupid

Career Cupid

Your Guide to Landing and Loving Your Dream Job

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“Chick lit” meets “job search manual” – how fun could this be? Aimed specifically at women, Christine Fader brings her years of experience as a career counsellor to fruition in her first book, with this “edutaining” analogy: finding your dream job is like dating. It’s an interesting way to think about the process, because, in the job-seeker’s chair, we often think that it’s all about the organization and what they want from “me”. Talking about job-hunting as a relationship, however, shifts the focus to “us” – i.e., is this a good match between the organization and “me” and am I getting what I want out of this relationship? Both sides must agree to start the relationship, and either side can decide to end it – which, admittedly, can result in broken hearts and considerable self-analysis after the fact, often bemoaning one’s bad luck, again, to one’s closest friends. Fader suggests many ways to avoid that heartbreak. She suggests that you think about what environment you prefer to work in and then find something that aligns with your preferences. She talks about how to feel good in an interview, so you project your best self. She talks about how to handle job offers, so you can ensure, as much as possible, that you will get what you want out of the position. Overall, this is a fun take on the job-finding process. Keep the career romance alive!

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