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Coming Alive

Defeat your inner enemy, ignite creative expression & unleash your soul’s potential

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If Achor’s research and corporate basis doesn’t appeal to you, and you are looking for something a little more Gwyneth Paltrow, then this could be the book to inspire and motivate you. Written by the resident therapists at Paltrow’s lifestyle empire, Goop, this book starts out by talking about the “life force” and encourages you to “reclaim your life.”

Occasionally this was hard for me to read because my background has trained me to be highly research-based, but once I got past some of the vocabulary, I was able to see some wisdom in here and appreciate the approach. With an open mind, there could be value in this book if you find that this appeals to you. No matter what your preference, life can be exhausting and the world needs more of your creativity. Whatever you are doing to be a positive force, get out there and do it!


Lisa Sansom

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