Don't Retire, Rewire!, 2nd Edition

Don’t Retire, Rewire!

5 Steps to Fulfilling Work That Fuels Your Passion, Suits Your Personality, and Fills Your Pockets (2nd edition)

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Statistics and basic math tell us over and over again that the Boomers are going to be retiring in droves. Usually, this is a cautionary tale about how organizations need to have effective knowledge transfer and succession planning to ensure organizational knowledge continuity. However, Sedlar and Miners tell a different tale: how to plan for your retirement so that it is energizing, not exhausting. What? How can retirement be exhausting, you ask? Apparently, it is possible to “flunk” retirement—people who didn’t have enough money put away, or got so frustrated with the new lifestyle that they didn’t cope well, and ended up going back to work. So, the authors suggest a new approach: rewiring, which involves setting yourself up for successful retirement on your terms. The focus here is largely on the mental and emotional game of a successful “rewirement”, and is therefore a good read for anyone over the age of 45. Even if “rewiring” isn’t on your immediate horizon, the authors present some provocative questions that can make you consider how your present goals and priorities are working towards creating that life that you want next year or in the next decade.



Lisa Sansom

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