Four Secrets to Liking Your Work

Four Secrets to Liking Your Work

You May Not Need to Quit to Get the Job You Want

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While this book assumes that you have a job, and you work within an organization of some size (i.e. you are not self-employed with no employees), it could make for interesting reading for anyone in the employment world who is looking for a “way out”. The authors share their personal stories, as well as those of friends, colleagues, and clients, throughout this well-paced, thoughtful book. Each chapter is well-laid out, with examples, suggestions, and concrete exercises which ultimately end in a telling graphic or matrix, which then lends itself into action plans and thoughtful reflections. While I found that there were gaps, one chapter at a time, the gaps generally get filled in. However, this is a book that requires some intellectual effort–it is neither a quick read, nor intuitive. The basic premise, however, is sound: you may not need to quit your current job to obtain the job that you want. There may well be things within your power to change, such as your mindset, your actions, your contributions or your relations with others, that are needlessly creating that sense of Monday morning dread. This book is filled with homework (yes, that’s what they call it) and practical bullet pointed lists that emphasize the messages of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness.

Article originally published in Volume 10-4 of Your Workplace magazine


Lisa Sansom