Goal Free Living

Goal Free Living

How to have the life you want now

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When I told a family member that I was reading this book his reaction was, “Where can I get it?” Today, we are bombarded with books that tell us how important goals are—how SMART goals are the key to success in work, and that having a life plan, with tangible goals, is sure to lead to happiness and contentment. Not according to Shapiro. He has found the “eight secrets to living life free from the constant pressure of goals.” These tidbits are not new, and include age-old wisdom such as appreciating what you have, and going with the flow (or better yet being the flow). The most eye-opening advice is to hold your head high and “embrace your limits.” Difficult advice, indeed! But, from a self-appreciation point of view, it is more of a happiness ingredient than losing 30 lbs by summer. Make no mistake—Shapiro is not advocating removing goals entirely. But he is suggesting that a bit of healthy detachment and some intention-setting, instead of goal-setting, would take the pressure off. This book just might make it into someone’s Christmas stocking this year.


Lisa Sansom

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