Great Leaders Have No Rules

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Contrarian leadership principles to transform your team and business

I’m always up for a “contrarian” book. I’ve read books about why goals are a bad idea, why managers shouldn’t exist and why focusing on weaknesses is a waste of time (for the record, they all had some very valid points). So I was up for a good time with this book, and it did not disappoint. Well, it disappointed a little, in that I feel like the author might be setting up new rules for leaders who are supposed to have no rules, but we’ll set that aside for now -— it might say more about my worldview than the author’s actual intent. Many of the chapter titles are provocative: lead with love, crowd your calendar, play favourites and reveal everything (even salaries). In the chapters themselves, Kruse makes some specifications and clarifications. For example, he has a certain definition in mind of what “favouritism” is, and it isn’t “cronyism.” It doesn’t mean changing the rules or performance standards based on your relationship with someone else. But it does mean that it’s okay to treat people differently, and that might be warranted for a whole bunch of reasons. Overall, this book is all about leading with intent, with care and with positive direction. Worth several reads.

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