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Rethinking Your Work

Rethinking Your Work

Getting to the Heart of What Matters
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When we think about work, we might think about drudgery, antagonism, fruitless efforts and other unpleasantries. However, there are people who do flourish at work, and it’s not just the people you might expect. Sure we’d think an actor would enjoy his work, or a doctor might enjoy working with her patients, but what about a parking lot attendant? Kinjerski opens her heartful book with an anecdote about Ken, the parking lot attendant, and follows it up with a number of compelling stories about other employees who have found their spirit at work. She shares four dimensions: engaging work, sense of community, spiritual connection and mystical experience, all of which contribute to finding your spirit at work. But it isn’t just a matter of finding, it’s also a matter of creating.
You may not be fully engaged at work right now, but what dimension could you cultivate
and grow in order to move further along that positive path? The is question often scares people. You may be thinking, “Oh I couldn’t do that,” or “My boss wouldn’t like it,” or “You just don’t understand–where I work, it’s different…”. The truth is that there is more gatitude in your job than you realize, and you have more power to change yourself and your situation than you may know. Kinjerski’s book is well-written, clear, insightful, inspirational and practical. If you want to live and work with more purpose and passion, it’s worth reading.


Lisa Sansom