Jan/Feb 2009

In our work and personal lives, we often encounter circumstances over which we have no control. Yet, we can choose how we respond to our world and what we add to it. I’m not one for making sweeping New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe in creating positive, manageable changes each year—ones that add up over time.

In this issue, we explore a number of options for improving our circumstances and ourselves. Betty Healey offers advice on using the Law of Attraction to improve trade, while architect Paul Whelan explores office designs that enhance
the environment in which we do business. In her interview with “Ecoholic” Adria Vasil, Krista Oulton Welsh addresses our effect on the world at large, including manageable ways to go green.

Recognizing that change in the world begins with ourselves, Your Workplace discusses what qualities make a star performer (you’ll be surprised), while Patricia Katz reminds us to stop long enough to pat ourselves on the back for our successes. We also turn to developments in physics and neuroscience to learn how we can improve our minds. Check out “Intuition at Work” for a fresh perspective on idea generation and the brainstorming process.

Our desire to be creative doesn’t diminish with age. Susan Stibbe gives a new twist to work-life balance in her article on phased retirement for the retiree who still wants to make a contribution to the world of work.

We hope the coming year brings you many opportunities to turn life circumstances into joyful occasions for growth and renewal. YW

Best wishes,
Bonita Summers


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