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JAN/FEB 2016

Here’s something you may not know: Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis in the world. It’s a sad distinction to command; researchers have traced potential causes back to the lack of vitamin D we get here in the North, but the jury’s still out on the reason our rates are so high. And that, dear reader, is why this issue we’re bringing you a first-person account of what it is to work with multiple sclerosis. It’s an issue close to my heart and one that deserves far more attention than it currently gets. Jack Muskat also writes about accommodating MS.

We’re diving into the debate on another hot topic these days: wellness programs. HR execs love to tout them here in North America, but Swedish academic Carl Cederström is skeptical about the benefits. Check out our Q & A with him for a thought-provoking survey of the state of wellness programs and some of the ethical issues they raise.




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