In the Land of Middle Management

In our last issue we shared our vision of the 21st century leader. In this issue we extend our sights to the middle manager. Typically this job has been characterized as a frustrating sandwich position where workers on the one side and leadership on the other are squeezing you. Your Workplace wants to take the pressure off and through writer Steven Roberts we offer our vision of how to value middle managers for their unique combination of skills. While we are making the case for a healthier, innovative approach to middle management, we are also showcasing some innovative benefits ideas that are breaking out of the mould. Organizations are making great progress in looking at the whole person in terms of wellness and life outside of work, and writer Susan Stibbe makes the case for looking beyond the limited, traditional benefits package.

We’ve been talking about the labour shortage in Canada for ages and we are glad to hear the federal government has been listening. The Honourable Monte Solberg, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development appears in the YW interview talking about what actions the federal government has in the pipeline to address this important issue. We welcome his thoughts. Finally we come to the end of our six-part series on Corporate Social Responsibility. We have had such positive feedback on highlighting various organizations and the steps they are taking towards enlightened practices that we have decided to add a new department to Your Workplace, spotlighting more progressive Canadian organizations. If you have suggestions of companies you think worthy of a spotlight, let us know. We’ll be happy to talk to you about why.


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