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Lean In

Women, Work and the Will to Lead

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Sheryl Sandberg is the COO at Facebook, and has a very impressive resumé to boot. She’s definitely a woman in a man’s world. When her book hit the market, it created a lot of furore in the blogosphere. However, reading the actual book was a lot less interesting than reading the blogs and news media. Perhaps it’s my age (being in the middle of my career) or perhaps it’s because I’ve read many books like this, but I don’t get the uproar. Yes, she says that women need more encouragement to take active leadership roles in the workforce. We’ve heard that before. Yes, she uses her own story to encourage other women. That’s not really new either. So what’s new here? Well, it’s the new world of social media, and Sandberg drops names and companies all over the place, so it’s an interesting insider’s look into the fast-paced tech kingdom. She also doesn’t pretend to have all of the answers— I found it to be a work of very human proportions. It also shows how far women may still have to go in male-dominated fields. Clearly, Sandberg is whip-smart and ambitious. She got into great schools and rose through the ranks. I read this book more as a memoir and insider’s guide to Silicon Valley, and less of a clarion call to arms.


Lisa Sansom

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