Life From The Top Of The Mind YW

Life from the Top of the Mind

New Information on the Science of Clarity, Confidence, & Creativity

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Author, Bill Crawford, starts out with a definition of “The Problem”—which is one of stress and resentment, which compound each other into a descending spiral. This felt like old news, until I read Crawford’s frankly hilarious story of how, one day, he got so upset at an airline that he ended up in the women’s washroom. That’s when the concepts started to personalize and really make sense. Crawford bridges the theory-practicality gap nicely, taking the theories of stress and relief straight into the chemistry of your brain, showing how excessive stress can make us “out of control” and teaching techniques to alter our brain chemistry (naturally—not through any medications) to bring us back “into control”—which is not the same as being “controlling”. However, Crawford does not stop at correcting the bad stuff. He also promotes the “top of mind perspective”, which he calls C3—clarity, confidence and creativity. By creating more of these attributes, we can help minimize the stress cycle that we often find ourselves in. And what is especially wonderful is that Crawford dedicates the majority of his book to these positive attributes, empowering the reader to really create a new reality by moving forward. How clear, confident and creative! This book is a wonderful reflection of the philosophy it promotes.


Lisa Sansom