Luck by Design: Certain Success in an Uncertain World

Luck by Design

Certain Success in an Uncertain World

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On the back cover of Luck by Design: Certain Success in an Uncertain World, Goldman apologizes “on behalf of my entire generation”—the Baby Boomers. You have to love a book that openly advertises humility, humour and encouragement. Goldman, a wealthy retiree through hard work and corporate insight, shares his own story, and also shares wisdom along the way—wisdom that every reader can learn from, notably in today’s “uncertain world”. For example, Goldman champions the role of intuition. This is not exactly something that most Fortune 500 CEOs would tell you is critical to success, yet it has worked for Goldman, and likely for many more successful people than you might guess. And so Goldman shares tips on how to listen to your intuition, and how to give your intuitive voice its due, which doesn’t mean letting it run the show. However, Goldman is coldly realistic as well, exemplified by his chapter titled “You are going to have to work”. As with all books that are part-memoir, I find myself wondering if the author’s highly personalized lessons can really work for everyone. However, I did notice that I was drawn to Goldman’s style—his ability to be warm and friendly, yet sensible and direct at the same time. He encourages personal accountability and self-knowledge, and ultimately that’s something that anyone can benefit from.


Lisa Sansom