MAR/APR 2008

Celebrating the Whole Brain

Well, my right brain is rejoicing because it finally has a seat at the table. I have noticed through the years, and my many diverse jobs, that my left-brain skills have gotten the lion’s share of the attention, while my highly prized, “big picture” abilities have been more or less pooh-poohed. In this issue we discuss the value that both sides of our brain can offer, and how to keep, if not enhance, the inherent wholeness of ourselves by continuing our right-brainedness and not casting it aside for perceived left-brained importance.

On the other hand, the left side of my brain is happy that I will finally be addressing and organizing all the stuff that has accumulated on my desk, while I was “creating” this issue. The article, “How to Declutter Your Workspace and Keep it that Way” was most valuable to me and hopefully will be for you too.

Professional Development is undergoing a left-brain / right-brain

shift too. Our article will explore the changing partnership between

organizations and learning institutions in terms of their shift away

from generalized academic programs (left-brain) to quick, targeted, strategic solutions (right-brain).

In case we haven’t made the point enough, Dr. Ken Coates, Dean of Arts at the University of Waterloo, speaks to Your Workplace about the need for Canada to wake up and start using more of its collective innovative right-brain capacity in order to remain competitive in the global


One such innovative company is Molson’s brewing company, which is featured in our on-going series of articles on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They have an extensive CSR mandate that reaches nationwide.

We hope this issue will inspire you to lofty insights as well as organizational relief. As always, let us know how you fared.

Best wishes,

Krista Oulton Welsh


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