MAR/ APR 2015

This issue, with the theme of managing and coaching, will focus
on how best to support the people who work for you. Although
we believe that the coaching model provides the best results and,
therefore, is where we put most of our energy, there is no question
that there still is a place for traditional management practices.
Our coaching expert, Lisa Sansom, is launching a new case study
section, which we are planning to include in every issue. This one,
entitled “Managing is Hard —
Coaching Makes it Easier”, is about
how a supervisor, Margaret, has ambitions for Ellen, yet struggles to
support her appropriately. Understanding that coaching is a crucial
tool for success, Margaret learns a few powerful questions to assist
Ellen with her goals, realities, obstacles, options and the way forward.
The author does a great job introducing the GROW model as a way to
encourage the coachee’s development —
and your own as well.


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