MAR/APR 2020

When you consider the people you work with, it is important to remember that behind the person lies much more — emotionally and mentally speaking. That is the idea behind our very personal and profound story by Carleton University President, Benoit Antoine-Bacon.

His struggles at the hand of child abuse, and later substance abuse, are meticulously outlined, not as a story of sadness and despair, per se, but as a story of hope and achievement. His story teaches us to look at the whole person when considering them at work. It’s a must-read.

We also assembled a crack team of experts who guide you through retirement planning— the challenges you may be facing, and the plan design elements you might consider when looking at your company’s retirement plans.

Let’s talk about corporate culture. What is it? How do you define it? How do you acquire talent that fits within it? These questions are addressed in our piece about cultural fit that will help ensure you are making informed decisions.

Have you considered a travel policy and what specifics would make up such a policy? Do you know that travel can affect workers due to time away from their families, lack of sleep, and poor eating? It’s not uncommon, which is why we’ve addressed it.

And there is lots more. Jump into the pages of this issue Your Workplace to Make Work Better.


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