March/April 2009

Spring is an exhilarating time of year when the first warm breeze of the season offers promise of all things new and inviting. This is the time when we gladly doff our heavy winter clothing, shed our hibernation weight, and find the energy for change.

In this issue, we explore new ways of embracing our work experience. In the article, Workplace without Borders, we discover novel approaches that companies are using to build morale within their ranks through the use of social networking and other Web 2.0 tools. In a feature article, Joan McLeod continues the focus on team building by showing simple ways to foster camaraderie in the workplace. With the inclusion of beautiful
photography, Paul Whelan finishes off his three-part series with a focus on collaborative work environments.

This issue also includes a wake-up call in the way we think. Steve Robbins helps us to overcome a lazy brain, while Dr. Bill Crawford shows us how to use our gray matter to communicate better with our colleagues. When it comes to career, Dr. Susan Biali, doctor turned flamenco dancer, encourages thinking outside the box.
For more opportunities to explore all that’s new and promising, we invite you to attend the April 29–May 1, 2009 Your Workplace Conference in Ottawa, Ontario. This year’s
theme, “Power of Inclusion”, features the outstanding speakers and powerful ideas you’ve come to expect from Your Workplace. See you there!

Best Wishes,
Bonita Summers


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