May/June 2009

The Your Workplace Conference 2009 in Ottawa in early May provided a
wonderful opportunity to meet the readers of our beloved magazine. Nothing
can replace the shake of a warm hand, the expression of challenges experienced
and the sharing of thoughtful opinions in an open and safe forum. It was also
exciting to hear the presentations of speakers we diligently researched for
timeliness and accuracy of content. We were pleasantly surprised by Dr. Steve
Robbins who was stellar in his presentation about the power of inclusion.
In this issue, we invited Dr. Robbins to explore the notion of inclusion a little
bit more. Through a series of anecdotes, he demonstrates that our success and
prosperity at work is directly related to having more knowledge and data, and
specifically more knowledge and data from diverse sources (think diverse
perspectives). Therein, he claims, lies the power of diversity and the power of
diverse groups.
Many months ago we were inspired by Dr. Richard Florida to rate the
healthiest provinces/territories in Canada. For this issue we culled data
from many different sources, defined the categories we wanted to rate and
compiled a fairly comprehensive analysis. Take a closer look to see how
the different geographic locations in our country fared.
YW staff interviewed Peter Jensen, most notable as an Olympic
athletic coach, about his recently published book, Igniting the Third
Factor in which he discusses a new concept—developmental
bias. And Kenny Moore returns with a compelling article that
leadership cannot be taught, just called forth.
Are you in the pictures? If you were at our conference
you may be included in the many photos we published
in this issue. We have lots more posted on our web
site at

Best Wishes,
Bonita Summers


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