Leadership is a challenging opportunity. It requires
creating a highly engaged and purpose-filled team that
shares a common understanding of what is expected and
desired. Ideally, it is about exceeding expectations and having
fun while doing it. The reality, unfortunately, can be drastically
different, which is why we are examining leadership in this issue.

“What makes an organization successful?” Ulrich asks in the
article, “Increasing Your Growth Mindset” written by Christelle
Agboka. It is when it serves people. And for people to perform at
their best, organizations must shift away from a fixed mindset to
focus on a growth mindset. Adopting the mindset that making
mistakes or failing is okay, as long as you fix the mistake and learn
from it, is healthy. By running into, rather than running away
from mistakes, you become stronger and more resilient. Workplace
leaders in particular can show by example that a commitment to
learning — regardless of setbacks — leads to greater resilience and


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