In the May/June issue we invited industry and practitioner experts to participate in our first ever roundtable on financial stress at work. Absenteeism, presenteeism, morale, and a whole host of problems can occur as a result of your employees’ financial stresses. It affects them, it affects you and it affects the bottom line.

And there is more great content discussing issues related to millennials and Gen Z. That’s right, the world has left boomers and Gen-Xers behind and we’re addressing the various needs, motivation factors and issues affecting these younger generations.

Plus we cover better ways to design offices and meeting spaces to maximize efficiency and make work better. And if you haven’t registered yet, check out our Imagine Your Workplace Conference preview of speakers as well as stories on mental health apps, empathetic leadership, gender blind spots, making the workplace more human, why nice guys finish first, and how to fire someone properly.


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