NOV/DEC 2015

We hear so much about the generational divides in the workplace these days. Baby Boomers retiring, Millennials whining, Generation Z still in the oven — and now even a new Anne Hathaway movie with Robert De Niro called The Intern. Work is on the collective mind as things change. What will the workforce look like as we move forward? Who knows what comes next as technology marches forward?

Certainly the fabric of work is changing quickly, and the demands are evolving along with them. This issue we’ve got an article about recruiting from the web from Joe Dysart, who introduces some new tools and tricks for finding talent across the Internet playground.

New YW writer Stephane Faure interviews Professor Jane O’Reilly of the University of Ottawa on the impacts of ostracism in the workplace (evidence shows that it’s even more harmful than harassment). Jennifer Paterson explores global recognition schemes across the world, as well as methods of recognizing staff with branded and personal gifts.


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