NOV/DEC 2016

The new year is almost upon us, and we’re thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s getting in shape with the functional fitness program covered in this issue’s Matters section, learning strategies on how to become a more mindful leader, or tips on how to empower our employees to solve their own problems, we’re looking to get workplaces in shape — physically, mentally and emotionally.

In this issue, body language expert, Mark Bowden, teaches us how to build trust as leaders by projecting an authentic presence. Isabel Rut profiles Rideau Recognition Solutions, a company whose family ties make for an admirably close-knit group of employees. CEO, Peter Hart’s exuberance for engagement is infectious. In an article on wellness, Heather Pulman shows us how we can promote physical and mental health in our organizations, and our cover story highlights the importance of resiliency in the workplace.


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