NOV/DEC 2020

In this issue of Your Workplace, the last of 2020, you’ll notice the themes of engagement and performance throughout. Whether it’s understanding the importance of a diverse workforce, recognizing how stress relates to performance or why management via demographics is not the panacea conventional wisdom has taught us, getting to the level of engagement that fits your workplace will be part of these discussions.

Engaging others is your job. Engagement and employee performance are more important than ever. Work is patchy and scattered these days. Employees are not in the same space and are missing out on the nuance and motivation that comes from working with others.

Given the hardships we all faced in 2020, many of us will be happy to look at it in the rear view mirror. As you do, start 2021 on your terms, with your employees’ best interests in mind. It will surely make the next year at work better.


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