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The Generation Y Guide to Thriving at Work

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Are you living the best possible life? In this issue, we explore books for discovering your potential and motivating yourself to achieve it. Whether you’re new to the workforce, retiring, or smack in the middle of work life, there are ways for you to shine. From the funky graphics to the font on the cover page, this book appears designed to attract Generation Y’ers, which Erickson defines as those born from 1980 to 2000. This is the generation now entering the workforce, and Erickson speaks directly to them. She essentially crafts this book as a love letter to the nascent employees. However, when she does get into career advice, it sounds remarkably like other career manuals that have been written for other generations, but in simpler, slightly hipper language. She encourages Gen Y’ers to find their passion and provides some guiding questions to help with that exploration. She counsels on how to “find your place”—choosing a good company and the right location. She also shares tips on leveraging advantages. Knowing that this book is aimed at business novices, Erickson does discuss basic business communication and etiquette (because you don’t really pick that up watching The Office). This inclusion might make the book a useful graduation gift for that college grad in your family. However, if you have any career experience at all, there are other titles on the shelf that will better suit your needs.


Lisa Sansom

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