Profit from the Positive book cover

Profit from the Positive

Learn strong and effective leadership techniques like productivity, resilience and strength and boost your skill and competitive advantage by knowing which one to use and when.
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Profit from the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business

Right away, the bright cheery green cover will grab you. Then you will notice the many accolades inside the first few pages — some by authors and thinkers that you have known and admired over the years. And then you will be struck by the title of the introduction: “You’ve tried everything. Now try something that works.” Before you know it, you are hooked. So just dive in and enjoy the wisdom. Profit from the Positive is a book to enjoy at your leisure, and possibly to share with your manager. Try it — I did! Why do you and your manager want a copy of this book? Because it is quite simply profound and inspirational. You will learn about leadership highlights like being productive (who doesn’t want that?), resiliency and strengths. Those may all be common ideas that you’ve heard of before. But did you also know that leadership emotional experiences are highly contagious?

So leaders absolutely have to have strong emotional intelligence to use their leadership powers for good. Leaders lead a team, so employee engagement and effective meetings are crucial to a positive workplace. But this isn’t just a book about platitudes, because we’ve all read those before too. This is a book written based on years of experience by the authors and their cast study subjects, and years of deep business and psychological research. This may be one of the best, most practical, easy-to-read books that you ever pick up — and you will want to share it with the rest of the world. I certainly do!