Rapid Transformation

A 90-Day Plan for Fast and Effective Change

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I openly admit to being cynical of books that promise “fast and effective change”. I have seen, and been involved in, way too many organizational change initiatives to believe that any large-scale change can be either “fast” or “effective”—certainly not both together. Tabrizi’s model looks like a 4-circle Venn diagram complete with the “90 days transformation model”, which, incidentally, does not include the 30–90 days of “pretransformation” and 6–12 months of “transformation implementation”. Now it’s starting to look more real! Except for different case studies, and some original terminology, I’m not sure that there is much new here from John Kotter’s books, such as Leading Change, and Prosci’s ADKAR model, which are foundational in the world of organizational change. Yes, we know change starts from the top. Yes, we need a change champion. Yes, we need to create a powerful and compelling vision of the future, and we need to know who our stakeholders are and what’s in it for them. If change were really that easy that we could conquer it in 300 pages or less, there wouldn’t be such an industry in organizational change. Where Tabrizi and other authors frequently fall short is addressing the needs of those who are within the change—what do those change agents and change drivers need to keep them going in the face of relentless opposition and complaints? Once we figure that out, then there will be a book worth reading.


Lisa Sansom