Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace

Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace

Seven Steps to Renew Confidence, Commitment, and Energy

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This book comes out of a heart-wrenching story told by Dennis, one of the authors, about a personal betrayal in his marriage. Upon reflection as he came out of his ordeal, he realized the seven steps to rebuilding trust that helped him move on — and these steps work as well, he indicates, in the workplace. Who hasn’t felt betrayed at some point? Who hasn’t found that trust has been broken? This happens frequently when we are younger and in our teen years, but as we age to adults, we expect more honesty and integrity and “walk the talk” from our colleagues and leaders. When the trust is broken, it can feel irreparable. This self-help book assists you as you diagnose if you are suffering from the after-effects of a betrayal and what you can do about it. In essence, the seven steps are to acknowledge what has happened, allow feelings to surface, get and give support, re-frame the experience, take responsibility, forgive and move on. This list may look easy, but anyone who has been through this emotional turmoil knows that it is not. And, I might suggest, it is not something you can do alone. The authors freely acknowledge situations where others are crucial to healing, gaining new perspective and moving on. Friends, trusted colleagues, family and coaches or counselors all have valuable and important roles to play. Above all, reading this book may help to normalize your experience and help you feel less alone in your time of difficulty.


Lisa Sansom

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