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Rules of Engagement

The business world is changing, and the workplace changes with it. How do businesses keep up? According to this book, engagement starts with your culture.
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Rules of Engagement — Building a workplace culture to thrive in an uncertain world

It is generally understood that we live in a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The business world is ever changing at an accelerating rate, and it can be quite difficult to keep up. Many businesses may try to adapt with new technology, new people, new processes and so on, but Swora argues, correctly I believe, that it has to start with your business culture. When the culture is one of connection, collaboration, adaptability and equivalence (her “four rules of engagement”), then the rest should flow much more easily. The first three of those rules may seem a little more intuitive, though “equivalence” is an interesting term. What Swora means is that leadership needs to be distributed and that everyone not only can be a leader, given the right skills and situation, but actually is a leader in the new organizational culture. Therefore, it is important to treat everyone as potential equals and create a culture of equivalence. Swora’s book is easy to read, though thoughtful and intriguing in its model and ideas. Further resources are available online if you register, and there are plentiful anecdotes and summaries. Certainly worth a glance and reflection.

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