SEP/OCT 2015

Corporate culture is a concept that has been around for many decades, although it has only become mainstream in the last 10 years. Highly effective leaders understand that an effective and resilient culture is one in which people work well together. Leaders not only support the principle of culture, but it is the biggest legacy they can leave behind. In this issue Dr. Craig Dowden shares a survey of leaders who define the five complementary features of a resilient culture in “Building a Resilient Culture”.

Organizational culture has many aspects but mostly it is all about values, and these values need to be authentic and transparent in order to work. If your organization upholds the value of honesty, then all employees must embrace this value or the foundation upon which they build is faulty. Leadership must “walk the talk” with values laid out for the organization. Dr. Jack Muskat addresses the belief that it takes more than rules to create a moral and safe culture in his article, “The World is Awash in Scandal”.


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