Sept/Oct 2008

It is our 10th anniversary– and what a decade it has been! For 10 years we have been the only national publication dedicated to highlighting the importance of individual and organizational health as it re- lates to productivity. What changes we have seen! Ten years ago, organizations treated
the notion of healthy workplaces as a lux- ury topic to address when they had time. Happily, that time is now.
Demographic changes, globalization, outsourcing, and mental-health concerns are significant factors affecting an organiza-
tion’s ability to retain and motivate its exist- ing team and to attract new, desirable
talent. To meet these challenges, we have witnessed the creation of new positions within progressive organizations: Health & Wellness Manager, People Services Advisor, Wellness Co-ordinator, Organizational
Well-being Director, Team Facilitator, etc.
In their new roles these workplace wellness experts have been charged with developing initiatives, tools and techniques to assist
the organization in its move toward the goal of creating and sustaining a healthy workplace—all levels—a journey that in- evitably leads to studying organizational culture and listening to the voices of front- line workers.
To assist you, in this issue we bring the article, “Front and Centre,” the third piece in our series on talent strata. (The first two were leadership and management.) This ar- ticle underlines the importance of actively and positively engaging front-line workers– the skilled, and often underappreciated, personnel who create the products or con- nect with the clients and customers.


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