WHAT A SUMMER it’s been. Now that you’ve rested and had your holidays, it’s time to settle back into the routine of work. Summer being over also means it’s back-to-school time. And what better way is there to ease the kiddies back to school than with a school ranking and report on the state of HR education in Canada? We at Your Workplace have compiled a first-of-its-kind-in-Canada HR school ranking based on comprehensive research and an in-house methodology. The result is a list of schools that walk the talk of their programs, teach students the pillars of sound HR and workplace practices, track students looking for work when they graduate and so much more.

This is a first for us, and we hope you’ll find as much value in the profiles and descriptions of the HR schools as we found in our research and data mining. This report (we humbly believe) will become the gold standard for HR school selection in Canada. Not only that, the report is complemented by a story on the state of HR certification. Our crack YW team surveyed many HR professionals about their opinions and need for staff with HR certification. The results and analysis may surprise you.


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