Shift or Get Off the Pot

Shift… or Get off the Pot

26 Simple Truths About Getting a Life

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You just have to love Edgecombe’s irreverent sense of humour. She tells a largely (pun intended) inspirational story about her inability to squeeze into her old wedding dress and ends with a “note to self: pack ‘the dress’ away so you don’t have to look at it every time you go into your closet.” Shades of Erma Bombeck with the wisdom of… well… Erma Bombeck! Edgecombe gets the reader’s attention from the first page where she instructs you to turn to page 129 and do the activity that you find there. From there, every page brings a new “simple shift”—except that they’re really not all that simple to execute.
Conceptually they are straight forward, but would you really turn your cell phone off for one entire day and revel in the freedom? Edgecombe also introduces some new personality typologies that come across as simplistic, and some of her ideals are much easier to embrace if you don’t have to worry about the practical business of, say, working 9-5. Yet, there is a lot of merit to her book, and if you were able to take just a couple of her “shifts”, you would likely generate more of what you desire in your life—and create some good stories along the way.


Lisa Sansom

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