Standout (International Edition)


The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution

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The idea that we should work and lead from our strengths is becoming more widely accepted today. We are more energized, and we shine in work and other aspects of our lives. But how do we know what our strengths are? Our contributor and regular book columnist Lisa Sansom, tells us why the book “Standout” can help you find your edge and win at work. The world of strengths research is still quite small, and Marcus Buckingham is a famous name in this field. Originally from Gallup, he was a co-author for Now, Discover Your Strengths with Don Clifton. (Similarly, Don Clifton was a member of the board of advisors for the Character Strengths and Virtues.) Buckingham, however, was more drawn by what people could do with their strengths, rather than the mere identification of them. StandOut, in sharp contrast to the other assessments, only has nine strengths-based roles. These are essentially amalgams of StrengthsFinder talents, as Buckingham found that certain talents tend to cluster together. Buckingham renamed these groupings, and the report from your online assessment gives you all of your nine strengths. The focus, however, is on the Top 2. The top strength has certain implications for how you “win at work”: choosing careers that allow you to win as a manager, a leader, in sales or in client services. You get the same report for your second strength as well. The innovation comes from melding your top two strengths together — this new combination and ensuing report promise to help you “stand out” at work. The online report is interactive and snazzy. While some of the questions seem mundane, the results are solid, and the implications energizing and practical. Managers can also get a team report to help harness team strengths and roles. At the time of this writing, you can take the online assessment for $15 or purchase the soon-to-be-released book that comes with an access code.


Lisa Sansom

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