The Best Team Wins

The Best Team Wins

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The new science of high performance

What are today’s best leaders doing to enhance and solve the problem of teamwork? I find this topic quite fascinating. As a parent, I’ve watched my kids be assigned group work, and I’ve asked my kids if they were taught how to work in teams. The answer is invariably “no.” There seems to be this idea in the world that we should just know how to work in teams. It should be natural, no instruction required. And yet, teams often fail miserably. One person talks too much, another never shows up, and yet another says that he will do the work and doesn’t follow through at all. How do we help teams be effective in both relationships and outcomes? It should be possible to have high performing teams that still like and respect each other when the whole thing is done, shouldn’t it? Gostick and Elton have put together a quick read on the topic of teams, including the “five disciplines of team leaders.” I’m not entirely convinced that you have to “understand generations” — in fact, I think this whole notion of different generations in the workplace is vastly overplayed — but there are some useful general concepts which could help the next time you throw people together and just expect them to get along and perform well.

Lisa Sansom

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